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In this year the Pop Scene changed dramatically with British Groups dominating.
(Cliff & Shadows and Jet & Tony ruled for the first three months of the year)
(after that the Beatles and Beat Groups took over)

Session Musicians were used on many British Beat Group Records.
BJS suggested to Jet Harris to use the Bass Guitar as a Lead Instrument.
(he might have played the lead on the record as well)
(it was Jimmy Page's first important session)

BJS, Jimmy Page, Joe Moretti and Vic Flick were the only Session Guitarists to have a Rock'n'Roll feel.

Top French Stars (e.g. Johnny Halliday, Eddy Mitchell) used British Session Musicians throughout the Sixites.

BJS played on the Seminal Album Georgie Fame's "Live At the Flamingo".

In this year BJS played on 4 Number One Records (27 Top Ten Hits).

For more details please view BJS's Wikipedia page.
Date Entered UK Chart Artist Title UK Highest Chart Position Label Producer Guitar Rating Comments Did BJS play the lead ?
03/01/1963 Thursday Julie Grant Up On The Roof 33 Pye Tony Hatch Written by Goffin/King .
03/01/1963 Thursday Mike Berry Dont You Think Its Time 6 HMV Joe Meek # .
03/01/1963 Thursday Vernon Girls Funny All Over 31 Decca Jack Good Dated .
10/01/1963 Thursday Mike Sarne Just For Kicks 22 Parlophone Charles Blackwell Wroom Wroom .
10/01/1963 Thursday Johnny Kidd Shot Of Rhythm And Blues 48 HMV Walter Ridley Was Jims overdubs ever used ? .
10/01/1963 Thursday Jet And Tony Diamonds 1 Decca Dick Rowe Does Jim play the main part ? Joe Moretti was not on this record. Jimmy Page's first session ? .
24/01/1963 Thursday Bachelors Charmaine 6 Decca Shel Talmy Great guitar backing. .
24/01/1963 Thursday Frankie Vaughan Loop-De-Loop 5 Phillips Johnny Franz Inspired by Andy Pandy. Dreadful. .
24/01/1963 Thursday Frank Ifield Wayward Wind 1 Columbia Norrie Paramor # .
07/02/1963 Thursday Doug Sheldon I Saw Linda Yesterday 36 Decca . Average. A bit like Runabout Sue .
07/02/1963 Thursday Helen Shapiro Queen For Tonight 33 Columbia Norrie Paramor Suggestive .
14/02/1963 Thursday Billy Fury Like Ive Never Been Gone 3 Decca . # .
16/02/1963 Saturday Frank Ifield Iíll Remember You 3 Columbia Norrie Paramor Album
21/02/1963 Thursday John Leyton Cupboard Love 22 HMV Joe Meek John made 2 films. .
28/02/1963 Thursday Craig Douglas Town Crier 36 Decca Bunny Lewis Terrible song .
28/02/1963 Thursday Rolf Harris Johnny Day 44 Columbia . Similar to Sun Arise .
28/02/1963 Thursday Shirley Bassey What Kind Of Fool Am I 47 Columbia Norman Newell Bricusse/Newley .
07/03/1963 Thursday Ronnie Carroll Say Wonderful Things 6 Phillips Johnny Franz Euro entry. Exquisite guitar. .
21/03/1963 Thursday Don Spencer Fireball 32 HMV Chris Blackwell # .
28/03/1963 Thursday Springfields Say I Wonít Be There 5 Phillips Johnny Franz # .
28/03/1963 Thursday Mike Sarne Code Of Love 29 Parlophone Charles Blackwell # .
28/03/1963 Thursday Julie Grant Count On Me 24 Pye Tony Hatch # .
11/04/1963 Thursday Frank Ifield Nobodys Darlin But Mine 4 Columbia Norrie Paramor In addition to the strumming which was usual with Frank Ifield records there is a delightful guitar passage. Did BJS play it ? .
11/04/1963 Thursday Mike Berry My Little Baby 34 HMV Joe Meek # .
18/04/1963 Thursday Vernon Girls Do The Bird 44 Decca Jack Good Dee Dee Sharp number .
25/04/1963 Thursday Jet And Tony Scarlet OíHara 2 Decca Dick Rowe Joe Moretti played the main guitar. NO
25/04/1963 Thursday Helen Shapiro Woe Is Me 35 Columbia Norrie Paramor Energetic bongos .
09/05/1963 Thursday Susan Maughan Sheís New To You 45 Phillips Johnny Franz Average .
11/05/1963 Saturday Billy Fury Billy 6 Decca . Album
16/05/1963 Thursday Benny Hill Harvest Of Love 20 Pye Tony Hatch Delightful short guitar break. .
16/05/1963 Thursday Billy Fury When Will You Say I Love You 3 Decca . # .
06/06/1963 Thursday Mark Wynter Shy Girl 28 Pye Tony Hatch # .
20/06/1963 Thursday Frankie Vaughan Hey Mama 21 Phillips Johnny Franz # .
20/06/1963 Thursday Kenny Lynch You Can Never Stop Me Loving You 10 HMV Walter Ridley Delighful guitar but does BJS play the lead ? .
27/06/1963 Thursday Frank Ifield Confessin 1 Columbia Norrie Paramor Solid strumming. Vic Flick also played on this record. .
04/07/1963 Thursday Bachelors Faraway Places 36 Decca . # .
04/07/1963 Thursday Brian Poole Twist And Shout 4 Decca Mike Smith My name is Big Jim Sullivan and I played on this record. Over dubbing. .
11/07/1963 Thursday Adam Faith Walking Tall 23 Parlophone John Burgess With Jimmy Page. .
18/07/1963 Thursday John Leyton Iíll Cut Your Tail Off 50 HMV Joe Meek Dreadful .
18/07/1963 Thursday Ken Thorne The Legions Last Patrol 4 HMV . Military .
25/07/1963 Thursday Johnny Kidd Iíl Never Get Over You 4 HMV Walter Ridley Was Jims overdubs ever used ? Mick Green is sure it was not ! .
25/07/1963 Thursday Billy Fury In Summer 5 Decca . Average .
25/07/1963 Thursday Springfields Come On Home 31 Phillips Johnny Franz Jim's very impressive in the background .
08/08/1963 Thursday Marauders Thats What I Want 43 Decca . Delightful playing with a good break. A Carter-Lewis song. With Jimmy Page. .
08/08/1963 Thursday Heinz Just Like Eddie 5 Decca Joe Meek Jimmy Blackmore played lead on this recording (comment by BJS). So did Vic Flick. NO
15/08/1963 Thursday Kathy Kirby Dance On 11 Decca Peter Sullivan Good drumming. Solid strumming. Vic Flick and Jimmy Page also played on this record. .
15/08/1963 Thursday Dennisons Be My Girl 46 Decca . The Mersey Sound. Great guitar break. .
21/08/1963 Saturday Frank Ifield Born Free 3 Columbia Norrie Paramor Album
22/08/1963 Thursday Karl Denver Still 13 Decca Knownman Did Jim or Kevin Neil play the mandolin ? .
22/08/1963 Thursday Miki And Griff I Want To Stay Here 23 Pye Tony Hatch Goffin & King. Good drumming. .
29/08/1963 Thursday Bachelors Whispering 18 Decca Shel Talmy # .
29/08/1963 Thursday Ken Dodd Still 35 Columbia Norman Newell Good strumming .
05/09/1963 Thursday Jet And Tony Applejack 4 Decca Dick Rowe Joe Moretti played the main guitar. It doesnt sound like a bass guitar to me ! NO
12/09/1963 Thursday Brian Poole Do You Love Me 1 Decca Mike Smith BJS or Jimmy Page ? Over dubbing. .
19/09/1963 Thursday Dave Berry Memphis Tennessee 19 Decca Mike Smith It is probably the work of the Cruisers .
26/09/1963 Thursday Shirley Bassey I (Who Have Nothing) 6 Columbia Norman Newell Of course BJS was also on the Tom Jones version .
03/10/1963 Thursday Billy Fury Somebody Elseís Girl 18 Decca . # .
03/10/1963 Thursday Harry Secombe If I Ruled The World 18 Phillips Johnny Franz # .
10/10/1963 Thursday Jimmy Young Miss You 15 Columbia Norman Newell Good strumming .
17/10/1963 Thursday Frank Ifield Mule Train 22 Columbia Norrie Paramor What possessed them to release this as a single ? .
24/10/1963 Thursday Helen Shapiro Look Who It Is 47 Columbia Norrie Paramor Lots of strings. .
26/10/1963 Saturday Billy Fury We Want Billy 14 Decca . Album
07/11/1963 Thursday Kathy Kirby Secret Love 4 Decca Peter Sullivan Energetic. Jimmy Page played on this record. .
09/11/1963 Saturday Freddie And The Dreamers Freddie And The Dreamers 5 Columbia John Burgess Album
14/11/1963 Thursday Mark Wynter Its Almost Tomorrow 12 Pye Tony Hatch # .
14/11/1963 Thursday Matt Monro From Russia With Love 20 Parlophone Norman Newell # .
16/11/1963 Saturday Searchers Sugar And Spice 5 Pye Tony Hatch Some confusion on BJS's List. Could be the single. Album
16/11/1963 Saturday Billy J Kramer Listen To Billy J Kramer 11 Parlophone George Martin Album
21/11/1963 Thursday Bern Elliot And The Fenmen Money 14 Decca Peter Sullivan Fabulous but Alan Judge vehemently denies BJS played on this record. YES
21/11/1963 Thursday Dusty Springfield I Only Want To Be With You 4 Phillips Johnny Franz Vic Flick was also on this record. .
21/11/1963 Thursday John Barry From Russia With Love 39 Ember John Burgess # .
28/11/1963 Thursday Johnny Kidd Hungry For Love 20 HMV Walter Ridley Was Jims overdubs ever used ? .
28/11/1963 Thursday Brian Poole I Can Dance 31 Decca Mike Smith BJS or Jimmy Page ? Over dubbing. .
28/11/1963 Thursday Heinz Country Boy 26 Decca Joe Meek Ritchie Blackmore and Jimmy Page NO
05/12/1963 Thursday Dora Bryan All I Want For Christmas Is A Beatle 20 Fontana Jack Baverstock Lovely intermittent guitar.Dougie Wright on drums. .
12/12/1963 Thursday Richard Anthony Walking Alone 37 Columbia . Very good song .