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A Pickin' 'N' A Grinnin'

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Three tracks from my collection Best Songs
(definitely BJS playing lead guitar)

There is no question that BJS was a leading innovator of UK Rock'N'Roll, Folk, Sitar, Glam Rock, British Beat and A'n'R music.

As BJS was on the albums Alexis Korner's "R&B From The Marquee" and Georgie Fame's "Rhythm & Blues At The Flamingo"
and he played on all of Chris Farlowe's records it could be argued that
BJS was equally important for UK R&B music.
BTW BJS played on Stones's demos.

It is my belief that BJS was equally important for UK Country music.

BJS worked alongside Albert Lee in the early 1960s.

He introduced Jerry Reed, Merle Travis and Chet Atkins licks into many popular songs.

Around 1969-1973 BJS had the opportunity to play with the country greats when he was a resident on the "This Is Tom Jones" TV Specials.
(e.g. Jerry Reed & Glen Campbell)

In the early 1970s he played with Stefan Grossman on an excellent album.

When artists who weren't known in the country field produced a country album BJS was usually hired e.g. Rod McKuen, Crispian St Peters.

There are only 4 tracks on this CD.

Track 1 is BJS playing a Twelve String on The Kestrel's 1963 recording of "Walk Right In".

Track 2 is BJS at his best - Clinton Ford's "El Paso".
It was recorded in 1966.

Track 3 is the B side of Alvin Stardust's "Jealous Mind" (1974).
It is "Guitar Star".

The Last Track is "Country Boy Picker" (1974).
(there's help from Chas'N'Dave)

I don't own the copyright to the MP3s. I will remove any of them if the copyright owner objects.

The Kestrels - "Walk Right In" MP3
Clinton Ford - "El Paso" MP3
Alvin Stardust - "Guitar Star" MP3
BJS - "Country Boy Picker" MP3

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