Dad's RAF Record (Selected) Personal Number 46474

23 September 1925 Enlisted
1927-29Hinaidi, Baghdad, Iraq
1929-32India and Kohat, Pakistan
1933-35Heliopolis, Egypt
1935-38Halton, AylesburyMet MumJim was born
1938-41Cosford and Leighton BuzzardJohn & David were born
22 August 1941Commissioned (Uxbridge)
1941-42Kinloss, Moray Firth
1942-45South Africa
1945-50West Kirby, Hednesford, Cammeringham, Odiham1 August 1947 Squadron LeaderI was born
1950-52Seletar, Singapore
1952-54Full Sutton, York
1954-56Worksop, Sheffield
16 January 1956Placed on the retirement list
28 November 1956Retirement